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          Welcome to Upchem(China) Co.,LTD

          Upchem(China) Co.,LTD



          Windmill culture

          Windmills have four dimensions, respectively representing the clients' interests, the interests of employees, shareholders and social responsibility. Only combining the four dimensions, around the "state" the axis, toward a direction, windmills to running quickly.


          Sports culture

          Bond has been advocating green, healthy and active lifestyle. Mountain climbing, marathon has long been integrated into the staff's daily life.


          Home culture

          A bond is a magnified family. All members in the family, like brothers and sisters to help each other, understanding and tolerance.



          Freight Enquiry: +86-578-217-6666

          Fax: +86-578-217-6055

          URL: www.hl-ebike.com

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